Pain Therapy

4 Benefits of Floatation Therapy for Pain Relief

Schedule a float at Flōte and experience the incredible benefits of float therapy for pain management.

By: The Float Mind  |  February 1, 2020
Pain Therapy

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in five American adults report suffering from chronic pain, and nearly one in 10 experience high-impact chronic pain, meaning it’s severe enough to limit at least one major life activity. While pain medications can help, they can also harm, as we’ve often seen in the headlines through rampant addiction.

The better news is that you’re likely to find natural relief for your pain, chronic or otherwise, through floating at Flōte. While its benefits have only recently come into the spotlight, float tanks have been around since the 1950s. Floating evokes a natural relaxation response, easing stress and anxiety while calming the nervous system as you restfully float at the water’s surface in total stillness and silence, feeling light and peaceful, exerting no effort to stay afloat. 

Not only is it a wonderful feeling you’ll likely want to enjoy again and again, but it can also provide multiple benefits to ease your pain.  Try booking a float at your local center Flōte

1. Ease Stress on Joints and Muscles

The reason you can float effortlessly at Flōte is that nearly a thousand pounds of Epsom salt is dissolved into the water to create a nearly zero-gravity environment. That eases the stress on joints and muscles, taking the pressure off of them to alleviate stiffness and tension, naturally relieving pain.  

You’ll be surprised at how much energy is spent during the day just fighting off the effects of gravity.  When you allow your body to rest without gravity pushing on your joints, you’ll be surprised at how better your muscles and joints will feel after just an hour in a weightless environment.

2. Reduce Inflammation through Epsom Salt

When you float at Flōte, you’re floating on about 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt.  The Epsom salt, which is not truly salt rather a pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate, has long been known to be an effective natural remedy. You’ve likely heard about soaking in Epsom salt baths as it can help with all sorts of ailments, like arthritis, as it’s an anti-inflammatory with the ability to soothe sore muscles and relieve joint pain.

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3. Accelerate the Healing Process

The healing properties of Epsom salt used at Flōte not only ease the pain but reduces swelling and can even boost muscle recovery to accelerate healing after a tough workout or following an injury.  Studies have found it to be effective for speeding the recovery time after strenuous physical training by reducing blood lactate. 

It’s not just the Epsom salt that helps accelerate healing.  Our bodies have the ability to heal wounds and injury naturally.  When allowing ourselves to enter a stimulation free environment that a float provides, you’re allowing your brain and mind to focus on internally healing the body instead of focusing on processing the external environment.

Give a float a try at Flōte.  One float every couple of will do wonders for managing pain.

Pain Therapy

4. Give Your Brain a Break from Pain

The general concept of floatation therapy is to remove as much external stimuli as possible. This allows the body to experience a natural restorative state, similar to meditation. It gives the brain a break from all the constant stimulation from the outside world, decreasing stress, which in turn, lessens pain. Reducing external stimuli, immersed in a tranquil world of peace that floating brings, also helps to take one’s attention off the pain, causing the transfer of pain signals to the brain to slow or even stop, effectively dissipating the perception of pain. 




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Meet the owners from Our Sponsored Float Center, Flōte.  Dr. Margaux French and Catherine Markovsky.  Their mission is to elevate, and bring lasting change, to the consciousness and wellness of the community. Flōte is a place of sanctuary and wellness—a soul gym where people train not only their bodies, but their spirits.  

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