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Contribution Guidelines

The Float Mind is seeking to publish content related to mindfulness, relationship-building, health/wellness, financial wealth, entrepreneurship, and business strategy.  

What type of content is The Float Mind looking for?

  • Personal experiences by the author.  We're looking for 1st hand experiences that may help orient individuals towards a specific goal. 

  • We're not interested in articles about why the government is bad or why people are wrong.  We do encourage articles that "push the envelope" on new and controversial ideas without negativity directed toward a person or group of people, place or thing.

  • You have an interesting story to tell.  For example, you visited a retreat center and learned a new meditation technique and you wish to share how it has improved your life.

  • Action steps that are practical and applicable. For example, a "how-to" that will help improve a reader's life.

  • Write on topics you know and are passionate about. Are you an expert in finance or are you a nutritionist? People would benefit to hear about your area of expertise.

  • Claims and sources must be referenced. If a particular statistics or study is included in your piece, include a link in [bracket] to that source. e.g. [].

  • Write an enticing title and opening. Would the readers be interested to read and continue reading? Have a clear and distinct paragraph that’ll inform the readers what the following content will all be about.

  • Your article must be an original work. Original means no part of the article has been published anywhere else including your own.


Cross-check for spelling or grammar errors:

Keep paragraphs short, five sentences or fewer. Reserve any links or self-promotion within your bio only. Note that any links found in the body of the article will be removed. If you’re intending to include a link in the article’s body, there will be a fee included. 


Contact me to find out about the rates.


Why write for us?

We would love to see The Float Mind:

  • grow its visitor count 

  • inspire people to pursue floatation therapy,

  • provide a space for collaboration between float enthusiasts.

The submission and editing process:

We are on a constant look for high-quality content that will be benefiting to The Float Minds' audiences. All writers are to keep that in mind when submitting an article.

Your pitch may be declined. If it happens, please remember that does not mean you can never submit again. After your article is approved, it may take from 2-4 weeks for rewrites, revisions, and publication.

Ready to submit?

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Contribution Form

The Float Mind Staff is always in need of stories, articles, videos, pictures, and news from those who work in float centers and those who have used floating to improve their lives. 

Fill out the form below if:


  • You want to feature your float center.

  • You wish to be considered a Float Mind contributor

  • If you have a float-related article or video to share

  • Have an interesting story to tell

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If we choose to publish your submission to the Float Mind website, we'll contact you before publishing any content.

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