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The Mission

As float centers continue to open their doors to the world, the Float Mind strives to deliver premium content for both managers and clients of the float industry at a price every center can afford.  Our goal is to provide information that educates those who are new to floating and entertain those exploring infinite abyss.  

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Hello everyone.  Welcome to The Float Mind.  My name is Patrick.

In 2018, I began the early stages of developing The Float Mind.  I wanted to start a blog that focuses on incorporating floating into your lifestyle.  So I began building The Float Mind with the idea of having float-fans collaborate, tell stories and promote their center, products, and services. 

After two years of building, writing and floating on the idea, The Float Mind has evolved into a content-marketing provider for float centers as well as a blog for float centers to share educational content for potential and current clients.

I hope you join The Float Mind Forum and communicate with other like-minded individuals.  If you're a writer, contact me and hopefully we can share your story as a published article on the Float Mind. 

Thank you for visiting The Float Mind.  You are very much appreciated.


Patrick Paulo

The Float Mind, Founder.

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